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Aratos.Space is a Greek SME utilizing space and satellite technologies to deliver value-added information (products/services) to even non-experts end-users while exploiting Earth Observation data and satellite images for use in different thematic sectors like agriculture, environmental protection, land use & land cover, natural disaster management & early warning, urban planning, maritime pollution monitoring etc.
• Customized platforms, applications & services for Earth Observation (EO) data exploitation for different verticals (civil, academy/science, industry) and for Crisis Management within GIS environment and modeling.
• End-to-end holistic solutions involving space, aerial & ground capabilities for monitoring of the environment and climate change. Aratos.Space always explores integrated communication solutions like SATCOM, ad-hoc networks, mobile platforms, M2M communication, etc., to deliver maximum service efficiency with its products and services to its customers (governments, organizations, academia, individuals) all over the globe.

• Intelligent space-borne data acquisition, management, storage & processing
• Enchanced design of tailor-made environmental models based on EO data.
• Smart platforms developments using A.I., Cloud, IoT & M2M technologies.
• GNSS/EGNOS navigation services, etc.
Aratos.Space possesses a Command & Control Center that is capable to support several activities from different fields (space, GIS mapping, imagery analysis and post-processing). Aratos.Space owns and runs a fully equipped Satellite Ground Station constantly connected with EUMETSAT.
The main areas of expertise of Aratos.Space in the space sector vary among intelligent space-borne data acquisition, management, storage and on-demand processing, design of environmental and security models appropriate for interpreting available EO indicators, GNSS/EGNOS navigation services. Our expertise is thus translated to the following activities:
• Developing customized applications and services to exploit EO data
• Providing end-to-end EO capture, deliverance and ground solutions
• Usage of EO data for Crisis Management via a GIS environment and modelling Aratos.Space possesses a Command & Control Centre that is capable to support several activities from different fields (space, homeland security, GIS mapping, image analysis and post-processing). Moreover, Aratos.Space owns and runs a fully equipped Satellite Ground Station that currently receives satellite data from EUMETSAT. The Space Content Unit of Aratos.Space is responsible for transformation of the received satellite datasets to digital and value-added content like maps, databases, processed signals and satellite photos, geolocated information like fire hot spots, earthquake epicenters and others. The Space Content Unit of Aratos.Space provides regularly updated maps of cities, infrastructure, geo-intelligence, population data, critical infrastructures data and many others according to the requirements per case. Further, Aratos.Space is maintaining a strong presence in the European co-funded research projects from FP7 to H2020 and nowadays to Horizon Europe. This strong presence results from the solid experience of Aratos team members, its scientific advisory board and all the past research and development synergies of the team with excellent stakeholders from the academic and research sector (organizations, institutes and universities) and industry sector (manufacturers and suppliers for different verticals).

• Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform (AEODP) is an integrated, modular, interoperable EO data monitoring platform assembled of space-borne imagery and readings, GIS representations and real-time alerts. Since its early operation, it has been applied to a lot of Greek administrative authorities, from where it has received Fine Service Delivery Awards. The system, which has been originally designed to handle data only for the area of Greece, has been upgraded to collect and manage environmental and topographic data globally. It is actually a GIS platform that enables dissemination, processing and delivery of geoinformatics data via satellite and internet sources for the purposes of natural or man-made disaster management, planning, prevention and damage assessment. The platform collects and processes satellite data from a variety of satellites, including COPERNICUS.
• Aratos Fire Protection Solution (AFP) is a holistic solution for a globally implemented solution for the prevention and suppression of fires, in forest or urban areas and in any infrastructure of interest. AFP tools are applied in all 3 stages of crisis response and management time: prevention, response, restoration. The suite consists of the following products: AEODP, Aratos Alert SOS, Aratos World Fire Alarm and Aratos Fire Simulation Tool.
• The Aratos World Fire Alarm System is an integrated fire security subscription platform providing globally near real-time processed information derived from several satellites regarding fire bursts. If a fire spot is found near the subscriber’s area, an alarm is generated, and a notification alert is sent to him. We offer a collection of three main services (BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM), while additional customized operations can easily be made available.
• The integrated system Aratos ECM-PLUS provides an effective solution for telecommunication in emergency. This solution is based on the cooperation between satellite communications and wireless technology. It establishes a communication link between the decision-making center and the affected region, where the rescue teams act. Moreover, it provides installation of a local wireless telecommunication network at the affected area, in order to provide the means necessary for the members of the rescue teams to communicate with each other.
• Aratos Disaster Control is an online integrated GeoIntelligence system used in crisis management situations, delivering effective (natural and man-made) disaster and environmental management services like near real time satellite data analysis providing timely alerts, planning, prevention and damage assessment fusing data from satellites, drones and ground sensors in a very cost-efficient way.
• Aratos Prediction Farming: A forecasting agricultural system for monitoring the farmlands and estimating crops’ yield for financial growth of the farmers. Observing the whole agricultural process in order to ensure maximum agricultural production and continuous sustainability of the natural resources. It is about analyzing satellite & aerial (drone) monitoring of nutrients, moisture and weather data, providing plans & prevention guidance, delivering reports & data analytics etc.
• Aratos Green Space Services for Local Monitoring is a holistic integrated environmental change monitoring system. It is designed to monitor and evaluate natural landscapes through many factors, using satellite technologies in combination with terrestrial data. GreenSSLM services range in scalability depending on end-user requirements. The services may differ from simple monitoring to monitoring, downloading, processing the data and finally presenting the conclusions.
• Aratos CityLST is an in-house developed model used to increase the spatial resolution of the Land Surface Temperature (LST), from 3x3 kilometers to 12,5x12,5 meters, updating every 15 minutes.
• Images Processing Tool is an in-house algorithm which compares and indicates the differences between two images, with the use of PCA and K-mean algorithms.
• Aratos GeoIntelligence is about a cost-effective, easy to use Land Use/Cover cloud-based platform taking advantage of satellites technologies to produce Intelligent & Interactive Digital Charts (Digital Mapping), to create tailor-made Ground Digital Models, to create custom models of Land Use and Cover etc.
• Maritime pollution remote monitoring is an Integrated operational PaaS solution consisting of an innovative set of near real time Satellite / ASV / RPAS / hydrodynamic model / forecast / risk mapping services, to support & improve the decision-making process in any oil spilling / waste-waters event that may occur just outside a harbor or in neighboring coastal areas.
• Raining Now is a mobile application that shows the current precipitation map of the user’s location and can be utilized globally.
• H2020 Project, VALKYRIES: Harmonization and Pre-Standardization of Equipment, Training and Tactical Coordinated procedures for 1st-Aid Vehicles deployment on European multi-victim Disasters
• H2020 Project, IMPRESSIVE: Integrated Marine Pollution Risk assessment and Emergency management Support Service In ports and coastal enVironmEnts
• H2020 Project, ECOPOTENTIAL: Improving Future Ecosystem benefits through Earth Observations
• ESA Project, ANIMATED: An Intelligent Machine-to-Machine Framework for Services Based on Satellite Planetary and Earth Observation and Exploration Data
• ESA Project, ECM-GR: Earthquake Crisis Management System for Greece
• INTERREG MED Project, EcoSUSTAIN: Ecological sustainable Governance of Mediterranean protected Areas via improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base
• FP7 Project, ARGOS: Advanced Protection of Critical Buildings by Overall Anticipating Systems
• FP7 Project, SAFECITY: Future Internet Applied to Public Safety in Smart Cities
• FP7 Project, NEREIDS: New Service Capabilities for Integrated and Advanced Maritime Surveillance
• FP7 Project, MEDEO: Methods and tools for dual access to the EO databases in the EU and Russia
• FP7 Project, SEOCA: GEO capacity building initiative in Central Asia
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