Aratos.Space is a leading international player in the Earth Observation (EO) and Geo-Spatial Information business in Greece. Has a significant development, devising geo-information solutions for multiple applicative sectors, such as defense and intelligence, agriculture, emergency management, land and infrastructure monitoring, and maritime and land surveillance services. Aratos.Space built customized platforms, applications & services for Earth Observation (EO) data exploitation for different verticals (civil, academy/science, industry).


Our mission is to provide unique and relevant insights, derived from diverse geospatial data, that deliver clear decision advantages for our clients.


We are experts in Earth Observation, GIS and remote sensing analytics, and are driven by innovation. Using information gathered by advanced space assets, we compile evidence-based intelligence about the planet. Across a variety of applications, we convert complicated data and satellite pictures into understandable and useful intelligence, by utilizing our expertise of science, software, and analytics.Our Earth Observation experts,Data Analysis Scientists, Imagery and GIS Analysts provide Earth Intelligence techniques in projects. Creating a portfolio of satellite imagery products and analytics that simplify access to critical information. To offer clients the greatest and most transparent intelligence solutions for their needs, we make use of the most advanced space technology and a wide range of data suppliers. We assist businesses in making environmentally and economically sound decisions by delivering goods, solutions, and consulting project management.

Work Sectors

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Enhanced sustainable urban development & smart city planning with Optical imagery and SAR data.

Maritime Monitoring

Maritime Monitoring

Enhanced maritime monitoring & tracking with fusion of satellite data for pollution and safety reasons.



High satellite imagery data for companies working in construction, and tracking build progress.

National Mapping & Cadastral Solutions

National Mapping & Cadastral Solutions

Easy cadastral mapping tool and supply satellite imagery data, for any location on Earth.

Civil & Local Government

Civil & Local Government

Enhanced decision making for government organizations on land, with satellite images.



Enhanced site-specific crop management and yield forecasting using satellite imagery and ML technology.

Environmental & Disaster Response

Environmental & Disaster Response

Enhanced environmental disaster response through flood, forest fire & deforestation detection & monitoring services.



Purchase availability of different spatial & temporal resolutions in SAR and Optical satellite imagery.

Featured Products

Aratos Fire Protection Solution

A holistic solution for a globally implemented solution for the prevention and suppression of fires, in forest or urban areas and in any infrastructure of interest. Aratos Fire Protection Solution tools are applied in all 3 stages of crisis response and management time: prevention, response, restoration. The suite consists of processing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data, inserting and uploading fire incidents by users, providing alerts to inform about a possible occurrence of fire, and simulating, forecasting the behavior of fire.

Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform

An integrated, modular, interoperable EO data monitoring, platform assembled of space-borne imagery and readings, providing real-time alerts for developing geospatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI). Processing and delivering geospatial data via satellite and internet sources for the purposes of natural or man-made disaster management, planning, prevention and damage assessment.

Aratos Alert SOS

A mobile application that allows the user to capture a picture of an ongoing natural disaster event from anywhere in the world and immediately upload it so it will be displayed on a digital map. Users can see pins of all active disastrous incidents around the globe and by tapping on a pin, they can view the picture of the incident, the timestamped coordinates from where it was taken and the name of the user that contributed the picture.

Aratos World Fire Alarm System

An integrated fire security subscription platform that provides globally near real-time information regarding fire bursts. If a fire spot is found near the subscriber’s area, an alarm is generated, and a notification alert is sent to him. Offers a collection of three main services (BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM), while additional customized operations can easily be made available.

Aratos Fire Simulation Tool

An interactive fire simulation tool that uses spatial information based on local topography and fuels along with weather and wind files to predict in real-time the potential direction of an existing fire.


An integrated system that provides an effective solution for telecommunication in emergency. This solution is based on the cooperation between satellite communications and wireless technology. It establishes a communication link between the decision-making center and the affected region, where the rescue teams act. Moreover, it provides installation of a local wireless telecommunication network at the affected area, in order to provide the means necessary for the members of the rescue teams to communicate with each other.

Aratos Disaster Control

An online integrated GeoIntelligence system used in crisis management situations, delivering effective (natural and man-made) disaster and environmental management services like near real time satellite data analysis providing timely alerts, planning, prevention and damage assessment fusing data from satellites, drones and ground sensors in a very cost-efficient way.

Aratos Prediction Farming

A forecasting agricultural system for monitoring the farmlands and estimating crops’ yield for financial growth of the agricultural enterprises. Analyzing satellite & aerial (drone)data for monitoring nutrients, moisture and using weather data for provision plans & prevention guidance, delivering reports & data analytics etc.

Aratos Precision Farming

It is a cost-effective integrated information-based, decision-making agricultural system. Designed to improve the agricultural process by precisely managing each step to ensure maximum agricultural production and continued sustainability of the natural resources.

Aratos Green Space Services for Local Monitoring

A holistic integrated environmental monitoring system. It is designed to monitor and evaluate natural landscapes through many factors, using satellite technologies in combination with terrestrial data. GreenSSLM services range in scalability depending on end-user requirements. The services may differ from simple monitoring to monitoring, downloading, processing the data and finally presenting the conclusions.

Aratos Satelite Images Processing Tool

In-house algorithm which compares and indicates the differences between two images, with the use of PCA and K-mean algorithms, is used in change detection applications.

Aratos LandUse /Cover Mapping

A cost-effective, easy to use cloud-based platform taking advantage of satellites technologies to produce Land Use/Cover Maps, using tailor-made Ground Digital Models, Convolutional Networks and Machine Learning.

Aratos Maritime Monitoring

An Integrated operational PaaS solution consisting of an innovative set of near real time Satellite / ASV / RPAS using also hydrodynamic model to forecast an event and predict risk mapping services. Supports & improves the decision-making process in any oil spilling / waste-waters event that may occur just outside a harbor or in neighboring coastal areas.

Aratos UV Index & Risk Platform

An application that uses the location of the user, or a location specified, in order to get current and accurate Ultraviolet Index and weather information.

Aratos SatPhotos Platform

An online store for the sale of satellite images. Our satellite imagery experts simplify the buying process for our clients. We stay up to date with all new expanding satellite technologies to provide our clients with the best technology available for their needs and budgets.

Aratos Land Administration Platform

A modern, configurable, secure, scalable solution managing all aspects of land information and land records including land tenure, value, management, and use. With all land information in a GIS-based comprehensive land administration system.

Aratos Construction Sites Platform

A tool using more rapid data acquisition to provide automated information to users that not only provides the data but also the analytical result of that assessed data so that it can be used appropriately as soon as information is obtained by construction companies.

Aratos Disaster Control for Cities

A platform that leverages satellite data to provide effective disaster prevention and assessment planning and programming in an urban area such as fires, earthquakes, landslides, floods, etc.

Research And Development

Aratos.Space primary specialties in the space industry include GNSS/EGNOS navigation services, intelligent space-borne data gathering, administration, storage, and on-demand processing, as well as modeling indicators of environmental pressures and conditions with EO data.
Aratos.Space capability has the ability to support several activities from different fields (space, homeland security, GIS mapping, image analysis and post-processing).
Aratos.Space is maintaining a strong presence in the European co-funded research projects from FP7 to H2020 and nowadays to Horizon Europe.


The company possesses a Command & Control Center capable to support several activities from different fields (space, homeland security, GIS mapping, image analysis, and postprocessing). Moreover Aratos.Space owns and runs a fully equipped Satellite Ground Station that currently receives satellite data from EUMETSAT. The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) is dedicated to monitoring weather and climate from space. A system of meteorological satellites that observe the atmosphere and ocean and land surfaces - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This data is supplied to Europe, as well as other users worldwide. The service provided by EUMETSAT helps to enhance and safeguard the daily lives of European citizens. Furthermore helps to identify and monitor the development of potentially dangerous weather situations and in issuing timely forecasts and warnings, helping to mitigate the effects of severe weather and protecting human life and property. This information is also critical to the safety of air travel, shipping, and road traffic, and to the daily business of farming, construction, and many other industries. EUMETSAT is included in a system of house-made algorithms and systems provided by Aratos.Space for automatic management of data in order to produce perceptible information, used in various projects.


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Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform supports a new map layer for the sector of Climate Change.

In the renewed system of Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform the renewal of the Mass concentration of PH in seawater is added. The pH of seawater is >7 (pH~8.1 at the surface) and is slightly alkaline due to dissolved basic minerals and the natural buffering from carbonates and bicarbonates in the water. The observed decrease in ocean pH resulting from increasing concentrations of CO2 is an important indicator of climate change.

Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform supports a new map layer for Climate Change.

In the renewed system of Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform the renewal of the Mass concentration of the dissolved molecular oxygen in seawater is added. The oceans contain dissolved oxygen (O2).O2 is required for respiration in marine life. Areas where dissolved oxygen levels are too low to support most life are referred to as hypoxic zones. Some parts of the oceans may experience seasonal or temporary periods of hypoxia, while in other areas these conditions may last much longer. These hypoxic conditions often lead to mass die-offs of marine organisms who struggle to survive without sufficient oxygen. ARATOS.SPACE

Satellite data predicts lower wheat crop yield

The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission is one such satellite, a member of ESA’s family of research missions - the Earth Explorers - which are focused on investigating the impact anthropogenic activities have on Earth’s systems. Estimates for accumulated damages on the region’s wheat harvest are above nine million euro, due to the adversely dry spring. The results from the drought monitor are valuable for multiple sectors, facilitating the anticipation of adaption measures. As summer heatwaves intensified in Spain, extremely dry soil moisture conditions emerged in the western part of the Ebro basin. The drought monitor captured this drought, highlighting water reservoirs at risk.
Read more: yield

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